Wellness Incentives

What are Wellness Benefits?

An annual reimbursement for covered members who complete one of the eligible screening procedures on your critical illness and cancer insurance plans.

Plan Rules:

  • If you or a covered dependent perform one of the eligible screenings, you can file a wellness claim

  • Once approved, you will receive a check for the wellness benefit amount

  • The wellness benefit can be filed annually as long as your critical illness and cancer plans are in force

How to Submit a Claim - Metlife Critical Illness

Call 1 (800) 438-6388

File your Health Screening Benefit online through the MyBenefits portal at www.metlife.com/mybenefits

Important Note: Must use Jeff Davis County Board of Education when registering for a MetLife MyBenefits account

How to Submit a Claim - Guardian Cancer

Log on to GuardianLife.com and select "My Account/Login" to register or access your account

Contact Campus Benefits for assistance with claims.

Phone: 866-433-7661

Fax: 770-394-0333

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